Best Attractions To See While Visiting New Haven Connecticut

Will you be going to Connecticut anytime soon? You should stop in at New Haven. While you are there, you can see different shops, restaurants, or have lunch at a park. It’s a very nice place to visit. Once you arrive, you will probably notice one of the most famous universities in the world which is Yale University. It is an Ivy League school that is extremely popular, and there are many attractions that are directly connected to this school which essentially is the foundation of this community. There are several places you should go, the first of which should be New Haven Green

New Haven Green

This is a park that is in the midst of New Haven. It’s a place you can walk during the day, or for a nice stroll right before you retire for bed. It’s a beautiful place, one that is adjacent to the street, giving you a beautiful view of the city skyline. After walking there, you should head over to a neighborhood called Little Italy.

Little Italy

As the name would indicate, when you go to this location, you are going to see shops and stores, many of which are focused on Italian products. If you are into Italian food, you are going to absolutely love everything that they serve. You can spend a couple hours there, sampling the different meals that are there, plus they have a wonderful pastry shop called Libby’s. After your done there, you should go for a walk to burn off all of those carbs at the Carousel at Lighthouse Point Park

Carousel At Lighthouse Point Park

You should go is this park which has a lighthouse. It’s actually a popular place that people visit. People are attracted to light houses, and because of its proximity to the water, there are going to be at least a few along the coastline. This particular one is very nice, well-kept, and easy to access. You can get a great walk in, get pictures, and also walk along the beach.

New Haven Connecticut is really a nice place to visit. It’s very slow, allowing people to just relax. If you haven’t been there, it’s a place you do need to go because it does have so much to offer. At the very least, you can say that you are at the city where Yale University is, and that you have actually been to many of their attractions. Visit New Haven Connecticut this year to find out why many people enjoy visiting this community.

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