Activities You Can Try Out In New Haven Connecticut

Have you been to the state of Connecticut before? You have probably been to Hartford, Danbury, but you may have never been to New Haven. It’s right on the coast, adjacent to Long Island Sound, and is where you will find the famous Yale University. There are many things you can do when you get to this city. Let’s go over a few of the best tourist attractions that you will enjoy once you get to New Haven Connecticut.

Take A Tour Of Yale University

Yale is a university that has many different things that you can see. There is artwork, library, and you can just admire all of the beautiful buildings that are there. There are clock towers, parks, and many other things that are available to visitors that come there. If the University is not what you came to see, you might be looking for something that has architecture outside the context of a college. That’s why many people go to the famous Chapel Street which has beautiful churches that were designed so long ago.

Chapel Street

Chapel Street is a Famous St. in New Haven. There are churches there which are absolutely astounding. Many people get married there, and the streets are absolutely immaculate. It’s hard to believe that this particular type of architecture actually exists in the United States. It looks more European, and the longer you are there, the more you will want to stay.

Yale Peabody Museum

This museum is not incredibly large, but it does have a lot to see. You will get to see dinosaur skeletons, and displays on plate tectonic movements. This is all very good for adults and children, and it will definitely be a place that you will want to visit multiple times. It’s just one of the many attractions that you will see in New Haven Connecticut, along with all of the fine restaurants, shows, and tours that you can take of this beautiful city.

These are just a few of the possible places that you can go when you get to New Haven. It’s one of those destinations that you may have never thought of going before. Unless you have applied for and have been accepted to Yale, it might be a destination that you choose just because you have heard of that school. However, there is quite a bit to do, all of which will be entertaining and visually stimulating in this old-style city on the East Coast.

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